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Parent Training
We are here to help!
Do you have questions on how to better support your child during behavioral outbursts? Would you like to learn how to avoid "giving in" when your child is having a tantrum? Do you have questions on developmental or academic milestones, or questions on why your child is engaging in certain behaviors?
These are all questions that can be answered during Parent Training. Angelic Steps Therapy is glad to support all of our parents by equipping them with the skills needed to de-escalate behavioral episodes, decrease the frequency of undesirable behaviors, as well as increase desirable behavior. 
As glad as we are to support our kiddos in-home and in-school, our goal is to provide families with all the tools needed in preparation of fading services. 
If ever you have any questions, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst is always available to provide support along the way!

Wherever, Whenever!

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